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Apr 25, 2019 9:53:00 PM / by Mario Garcia-Lee

Xcell was founded by Uri Lee in 2015, and they collaborated with Lighthouse to bring together the Adventures 2019 program. In this collaboration, Xcell participated and partially funded the Adventures Workshops and Roundtables that were held in Seoul, and Lighthouse helped Xcell  connect with researchers and life sciences companies in the United States and Europe by creating content, such as the video below, and arranging a company visit to Boston to connect with the biotech industry there.

Stem cells are promising to cure disease by regenerating tissues and organs. With the right stimulation, stem cells can be activated to heal an injury or to prevent complications from old age or diseases since they have the unique property to change into more than one type of cell. To do so, it is important to culture the cells in the lab in a tightly controlled environment free of contaminants with full control of all of the processes.

Traditionally, fetal bovine serum has been used in labs to grow stem cell cultures, but it is an animal product that can be easily contaminated, and it varies in composition.

Xcell Therapeutics is solving this problem by developing and manufacturing chemically-defined media. CellCor is a synthetic media that does not use any animal products, and it offers consistent conditions for stem cell cultures, free from contaminants. This new type of media is one important piece of the puzzle to bring groundbreaking therapies to the market for humans to live not just longer lives, but also much healthier lives.

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Mario Garcia-Lee

Written by Mario Garcia-Lee

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