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Create a compelling offer and validate your market.

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"Thank you so much! It wouldn't have been this successful without your help."

- Hana Lee, CEO at Melixir Vegan Skincare

A Clear Executive Summary and Pitch Deck

Sales Pitch, Investment Pitch, and Executive Summary

Communicate clearly and develop an "ask" for your customers, investors, and potential partners.

Customer Relationships and Delivery Channels

Marketing Channels

Structure your website, social media channels, and mailing lists to work together. Grow organically with content, and launch paid advertising campaigns. Create brand awareness and customer relationships.

Offering and a Price

Value Proposition and Pricing Framework 

We help you rephrase your core product offering to highlight the value to the customer rather than technical specifications. Based on that, we can then work together finding a clear pricing framework to test your product in the market.

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Mario Garcia-Lee
Mario Garcia-Lee
Semin Oh
Semin Oh
Hyesun Shin
Hyesun Shin


Erik Cornelius
Erik Cornelius


Jose Ramos
Jose Ramos

We have worked with

Deep Block by Omnis Labs

A point-and-click platform for high resolution image analysis with AI.


A vegan skincare line promoting good health and beauty, without and within.


A swimwear design studio and retailer setting new norms for comfort and style.


Bright Shiny Robot - Summon the robots
Hanyang University